Wide Plank Collection

Wide plank flooring and paneling brings a feeling of spaciousness and provides a grand appearance. Fewer seams between the boards adds to a clean, uncluttered look. Follow the rules regarding room size and plank width or break them, as long as you get the room balance right, you can mix and match design styles and time periods to reflect your vision and design intention. Go light, go dark or somewhere in between. Our standard finishes deliver a nice range of tones and textures or we can customize a finish specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Wide Plank Hickory Engineered

Wide Plank Hickory Oil
Wide Plank Hickory Fawn
Wide Plank Hickory Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox

Wide Plank White Oak Engineered

Wide Plank Oak Flooring
Wide Plank Oak Bourbon
Wide Plank Oak Porter
Wide Plank Oak Pale Ale
Pale Ale

Wide Plank Doug Fir Solid

Wide Plank Doug Fir Oil
Wide Plank Doug Fir Mocha
Wide Plank Doug Fir Tiger's Eye
Tiger's Eye
Wide Plank Doug Fir Iron White
Iron White
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