Wood Wall Slat Flex Panels

TerraMai's innovative Flex Panels give you design freedom like never before – they can hug arches, wrap around columns, or embellish curved walls. Each panel can form concave or convex shapes with radii as tight as 14 inches. All of our Flex Panel are modular, allowing you to dramatically reduce your installation time.

To see the details of any wood wall slat panel and order a sample, click on the thumbnail below.

Square Slat Flex Panels

Square slats are 1-¼" x 1-¼" (total panel thickness is 1-⅝"). You can use them on curved surfaces and combine them with our other square slat modular panels designed for flat walls.

Linear Slat Flex Panels

Linear slats are ¾" x 1-¼" (total panel thickness is 1-⅛") and can be used on both concave and convex surfaces.

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