Faux Sugi Ban - The look of charred wood with no mess or loss of patina, all at a low price.

TerraMai’s line of Faux Sugi Ban Paneling is a mess-free and accessible solution to achieve shou sugi ban style in commercial spaces. Unlike actual shou sugi ban, no fire is used to create Faux Sugi Ban; instead, we utilize a finishing process along with the reclaimed wood’s natural patina and texture to create a burnt appearance. The end aesthetic result is the shou sugi ban Gendai look or burned and brushed once.

Lost Coast Weathered Redwood Paneling - Faux Sugi Ban Finish
Lost Coast Weathered
Faux Sugi Ban Charcoal
Doug Fir Paneling with Faux Sugi Ban Finish
Doug Fir
Faux Sugi Ban Charcoal
Pine Bleacher Stock with Faux Sugi Ban Finsih
Pine Bleacher Stock
Faux Sugi Ban Charcoal

Prices are for quantities from 500-9,999 square feet (Contractor Pricing)

Lost Coast Weathered Charcoal also available as Exterior Siding and Interior Shiplap 2.0 Paneling

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