Reclaimed Shiplap 2.0 - It's not just for residential anymore

We’ve reinvented Shiplap! TerraMai’s Shiplap 2.0 delivers a shiplap look but with easier, faster and cleaner installation. As the world redefines how we work, live and play, design lines blur. Shiplap 2.0 is a great fit for commercial and hospitality spaces as well as residential.

Reclaimed Shiplap 2.0. Weathered
Lost Coast - Weathered
Reclaimed Wood Paneling Flooring
Lost Coast - Sea Storm
Reclaimed Weathered Redwood Paneling
Lost Coast - Fog
Reclaimed Wood Paneling Flooring
Lost Coast - Faux Sugi Ban

How Shiplap 2.0 Delivers: Traditional shiplap must be face nailed. The 1/8" reveal on Shiplap 2.0 is created from a tongue and groove profile allowing for the shiplap look without nailing into the face of the wood. Installation is faster, easier and cleaner as there’s no face nailing to mar the finish or patch after installation.

Reclaimed Wood Paneling Flooring


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