Talk to a Reclaimed Wood Expert
to Bring Your Design to Life!

Architects, designers, owners and occupants naturally gravitate to reclaimed wood for its soul. Its authenticity. Its eco-mindedness. And, because it looks so cool. Every piece has a story to tell. We embrace the concept of Wabi Sabi, or beauty in the imperfections, and hope you do as well. The surface patina in our naturally distressed and weathered materials is a testament to the wood’s journey as are missing knots and nail holes. The cleaner materials like MC Oak and MC Walnut tell a quieter story but all the stories equate to fewer trees being cut down and an abundance of useful material diverted from landfills.

The data is in on what we have intrinsically always known, people feel good in spaces that incorporate real wood into the design. If you want to make people happy, design with wood. If you want to elicit emotion, design with reclaimed wood. Our finish shop works to enhance the wood’s grain and beauty. We will be happy to help you achieve your design vision by creating finishes using craftsmanship and our wide range of textures, colors and character.