Talk to a Reclaimed Wood Expert
to Bring Your Design to Life!

Whether your design calls for the surface patina in our naturally distressed and weathered Lost Coast Redwood, rustic ambiance of Mission Oak, or the clean, refined woods like Angelique, MC Oak, and MC Walnut, TerraMai reclaimed products have long histories and stories to tell. All the stories equate to fewer trees being cut down and an abundance of useful material diverted from landfills. TerraMai offers paneling in 2 formats, pre-assembled Modular Panels and plank materials assembled piece-by-piece on site.

Modular Panels

Modular Panels are pre-assembled on backing sheets making installation fast, offers exceptional textures, and remains true to your design intent. Learn more about how you can utilize Modular Panels in your next project.

Plank Paneling

From rugged and rustic to refined and elegant, see below for our broad assortment of planks for paneling applications. Please note, the 51C collection are the most unique products, some with limited quantities. Contact your local TerraMai sales representative to grab your piece of history before it's gone!