Designed for fast installation and even quicker ship times; TerraMai's flooring products include sustainably-harvested wood species, designs, and a complete range of finishes. Natural elements like wood provide the same health and wellness benefits as spending time outdoors. From clean woods such as our MC White Oak and MC Walnut to character grade woods such as Mission Oak, Teak, Hickory, Fir and more – our flooring products will bring the natural wonder and beauty of wood into your next design.

TerraMai is focused on providing quick lead times across all our product lines to keep your projects on-time. Products with the Quick Ship” icon ship within 3-10 business days (volume and other restrictions apply).

Reclaimed Teak

For centuries sailors have lined the hulls and sterns of ships with strong woods like Teak. Bring the beautiful history of this sustainable hardwood flooring into your creations.

Reclaimed Acacia & Black Walnut

Rich and alluring, Acacia and Black Walnut flooring will add luxurious and stunning tones to your next project.

Reclaimed Fir

The workhorse of the West, Fir provides a classic, warm look.

Reclaimed Tropical

TerraMai's tropical woods are beautiful, durable, and are water reclaimed.

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