The World’s Most Beautiful Selection of Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Perkins + Will Chicago Office uses Terramai's Reclaimed Mission Oak Flooring

TerraMai reclaimed wood flooring brings unrivaled beauty and long-lasting performance to any space. Flooring sets the tone, whether it is the focal point or the canvas that serves to complement other design features; it speaks to design intention. Wood reflects the patterns and shapes seen in nature and naturally appeals to people’s innate desire to connect with nature. Designing with natural elements like wood provide health and wellness effects similar to that of spending time outside in nature. Using reclaimed wood gives the added benefit of utilizing a resource that provides soulfulness and authenticity.

TerraMai’s state-of-the-art equipment, quality control programs and skilled team members ensure that your reclaimed wood is milled to the high-quality standards required for flooring installation. Our range of finishes, colors and character allow for a wide expression of design; from classic to eclectic and everything in between. We can customize tints, stains, and textures to fit your project needs.


Water Reclaimed Flooring - South America

Angelique Flooring & Paneling
Purpleheart Flooring

Reclaimed Wood Flooring from Southeast Asian Teak and Acacia

Reclaimed Wood Teak FJ
Teak FJ
Teak Engineered Flooring with Clear Oil Finish
Teak Engineered
Teak Engineered Flooring
Naked Teak Engineered
Reclaimed Teak Engineered Flooring with Kukui Finish
Teak Engineered - Kukui
Reclaimed Long Plank Teak Flooring with Surfaced Finish
Surfaced Long Plank Teak
Reclaimed Acacia Metro Flooring with Oil Finish
Acacia Metro
Reclaimed Acacia Metro Flooring with Wire White Finish
Acacia Metro - Wire White
Reclaimed Acacia Metro Flooring with Wire Dark Finish
Acacia Metro - Wire Dark

TerraMai’s teak hardwood flooring has renowned beauty and durability. It has been salvaged from vintage structures such as old barns and abandoned industrial buildings in Thailand. Unlike plantation-grown teak, these teak products are centuries old, delivering durability and a superior aesthetic. Acacia, also a Southeast Asian hardwood, has varying lustrous brown and golden tones and varying grain patterns. Like teak, acacia is durable and moisture resistant.



Reclaimed Wood Flooring from North American Oak, Walnut, Hickory & Douglas Fir

Reclaimed White Oak Flooring with Oil Finish
Mission Oak White
Five inch wide Reclaimed White Oak Paneling with Clear Oil Finish
MC White Oak 5" VG
Reclaimed Red Oak Flooring with Oil Finish
Mission Oak Red
Reclaimed Oak Engineered Flooring with White Oil Finish
Mission Oak - White Oil
Reclaimed Oak Flooring with Dark Leather Finish
Mission Oak - Leather
Reclaimed Oak Flooring with Dark Oil Finish
Mission Oak - Dark Oil
Reclaimed Oak Engineered Flooring with Cowboy Coffee Finish
Mission Oak - Cowboy Coffee
Reclaimed Engineered Oak - Driftwood
Mission Oak - Driftwood
Reclaimed Oak Paneling with Pale Ale Finish
MC White Oak - Pale Ale
Wide Plank Oak Oil
Oak - Oil/Poly
Wide Plank Oak Bourbon
Oak - Bourbon
Wide Plank Oak Porter
Oak - Porter
Wide Plank Oak Pale Ale
Oak - Pale Ale
Reclaimed Dirty Face
Dirty Face
Reclaimed Dirty Face White Oil
Dirty Face - White Oil
Reclaimed Oak Dark Horse
Dark Horse - Clear Oil
Reclaimed Oak Dark Horse
Dark Horse - Black Oil
Reclaimed Oak Flooring - Moonscape Shadow
Moonscape - Shadow
Reclaimed Oak Flooring - Moonscape Eclipse
Moonscape - Eclipse

Mod Classics Walnut - TT
MC Walnut
Reclaimed Engineered Walnut Flooring - Oyster Finish
MC Walnut - Oyster
Reclaimed Walnut Herringbone Flooring with Clear Oil Finish
MC Walnut Herringbone
Reclaimed Walnut Herringbone Flooring with Oyster Wash Finish
MC Walnut Herringbone - Oyster
Wide Plank Hickory Oil
Hickory - Oil/Poly
Wide Plank Hickory Fawn
Hickory - Fawn
Wide Plank Hickory Mink
Hickory - Mink
Wide Plank Hickory Arctic Fox
Hickory - Arctic Fox

Reclaimed Clear Mixed Grain Douglas Fir
Mixed Grain Doug Fir
Wide Plank Doug Fir Oil
Doug Fir - Oil/Poly

Our North American reclaimed wood flooring of Oak, Walnut and Doug Fir deliver on looks and durability. Both engineered and solid options are offered to suit your installation and budget needs. Mission Oak, Dirty Face and Douglas Fir’s prior life and history are evidenced by nail holes, patina, circle sawn markings and other demarcations acquired over time giving an authentic reclaimed vibe. For a cleaner aesthetic choose MC Walnut or MC Oak.



Installations of TerraMai Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring from TerraMai makes an appearance in award-winning architectural projects, LEED-certified and WELL-certified structures, world-famous headquarters, busy retail spaces, educational institutions and hospitality spaces such as; REI, Sam Edelman, CBRE, and Auto Gravity. For more inspiration, take a look at our Project Installation page.

Teak Engineered - Kukui
REI SoHo - New York
Reclaimed Mission Oak White Flooring, Paneling and Fixtures
Sam Edelman - Palm Beach
Reclaimed Wood Paneling Flooring
CBRE - East Brunswick

AutoGravity - CA