Kohler Country Spa - Reclaimed Teak Countertops, Cladding & Trim

Reclaimed teak countertops, cladding and trim at Kohler Spa 

Project: Kohler Country Spa                                                                                                                                             Slideshow >

Location: Kohler, WI

Designer: Clodagh Design

Product: Teak countertops, cladding & trim

TerraMai's reclaimed teak helps create a sophisticated Zen vibe for this deluxe Kohler project by Clodagh Design.      

According to Kohler's website, "Clodagh is an internationally renowned, Irish-born designer known for her unique blend of technology and primitive materials. With an emphasis on the inventive and sustainable use of materials, her work creates calm, low-maintenance environments that get their character from unexpected design elements, innovative use of design and space, and the incorporation of global influences......Her portfolio includes distinguished commercial, residential, retail, office and salon/spa projects around the world, while her design work includes carpet, textiles, lighting, home furnishings and accessories. Recognized with the industry's most coveted awards, she was inducted into Interior Design magazine's Hall of Fame in 1997 and named one of the world's leading interior designers by Architectural Digest in 1995."
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