Naturally Distressed & Weathered Reclaimed Woods

Over time, wood exposed to natural elements takes on a one-of-a-kind authentic patina. Whether located outside to negotiate the various seasonal changes (what we call Weathered) or in an interior space like an old warehouse (what we call Naturally Distressed), wood adapts and holds the markings of time.

Boards may be characterized by heavy surface texture, color variation, checking and other signs of prior use and age created during the material's previous existence as part of a barn, bridge, fence, etc.

Naturally Distressed Reclaimed Oak Wall Paneling
Dirty Face
Naturally Distressed Reclaimed Redwood Paneling
Weathered Lost Coast
Naturally Distressed Reclaimed Teak Paneling
Naked Teak
Naturally Distressed Reclaimed Teak Paneling
ND Long Plank Teak


Apply a Surface Treatment

Need your natural look a bit more refined? A surface treatment like nylon brushing, skip planing or sandblasting can tame the patina to fit a more subtle weathered or distressed look.

Skip Planed Dirty Face Oak Paneling
Dirty Face Skip Planed
Nylon brushed distressed redwood paneling
Lost Coast - Nylon Brushed


Add a Finish

Applying oil, stain or paint can add richness and a pop of color.

Distressed oak paneling with white oil
Dirty Face - White Oil
Skip planed distressed oak wall paneling
Dirty Face - Skip Planed & Oil
Naturally Distressed Redwood Paneling Charcoal
Lost Coast - Ember
Naturally Distressed Redwood Paneling Dark Grey
Lost Coast - Storm
Naturally Distressed Redwood Paneling Grey
Lost Coast - Fog


Distressed oak paneling with white oil
Lost Coast W&T - White
Distressed reclaimed redwood paneling teal
Lost Coast W&T - Teal
Distressed reclaimed redwood paneling grey
Lost Coast W&T - Grey
Distressed reclaimed redwood paneling mango
Lost Coast W&T - Mango
Distressed reclaimed redwood paneling green
Lost Coast W&T - Green



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