Mission Oak Engineered Flooring & Paneling

Reclaimed oak is one of the most durable and soulful materials. Our Mission Oak collection, with its unique coloring, weathering, nail holes, evokes the reverential use of oak during America's Mission and Craftsman eras. Offered in a number of finishes, our reclaimed oak paneling and cladding will provide a stunning visual focus for any space.

Reclaimed White Oak Paneling with Oil Finish
Mission Oak White
Reclaimed Red Oak Paneling with Oil Finish
Mission Oak Red
Reclaimed Oak Paneling with Dark Oil Finish
Mission Oak - Dark Oil
Reclaimed Oak Engineered Paneling with White Oil Finish
Mission Oak - White Oil
Reclaimed Oak Paneling - Moonscape Light
Moonscape - Light
Reclaimed Oak Paneling - Moonscape Shadow
Moonscape - Shadow
Reclaimed Oak Paneling - Moonscape Eclipse
Moonscape - Eclipse


Installations of TerraMai Reclaimed Mission Oak Products

Reclaimed Oak Wall Paneling & Biophilic Design
Station 101 - Massachusetts
Reclaimed White Oak flooring
Gravitate! – Albuquerque
Reclaimed White Oak Flooring at Sam Edelman
Sam Edelman - Palm Beach
Reclaimed White Oak Paneling at Capital 1
Capital 1 - NY, Denver, Chicago


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