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TerraMai's Jewel Box Collection is lush and rich in color and texture, designed to give any interior space a dash of glam and a touch of distinction. Named after gemstones, we offer four jewel tone options, Black Pearl, Smoky Diamond, Ruby Red and Blue Topaz. The Jewel Box Collection is artfully created using an eight-step process with the final step being a hand applied top-coat finish. The finishing technique highlights the handsome grain pattern while maintaining the character of the material's prior life giving the right balance of elegance and wisdom.

Source: Post-industrial fall down reclaimed from throughout the Pacific Northwest

SpeciesPseudotsuga menziesii 

Colors: Rich jewel tones coupled with a deep, warm brown

Millwork: Surfaced four sides (S4S) with square-edge tongue & groove profile (no micro-bevel). Back relieved. Unfilled. 

Net Dimensions: 5/8" thick x 5" wide x 2' to 12’ random lengths 

Character: Vertical and mixed grain. Fastener holes of all sizes. Tight, loose, and missing knots of all sizes. Surface seasoning checks, shake, gouges, and other signs or prior history and use. 

Finish: Multi-step texture and color process with low-VOC polyurethane topcoat

Pricing: $17.95/sf