Acoustic Panels for Walls & Ceilings

TerraMai Acoustic Panels for your walls and ceilings not only excel in soundproofing your space, but they are unmatched in beauty and character. Choose from multiple styles and our extensive inventory of reclaimed and sustainable wood species.

All Acoustic Panels come complete with acoustic insulation for soundproofing that performs to 3rd-party test results. Their modular design speeds up the installation process. TerraMai can accommodate your specific project needs for custom finishes, Class A flame retardancy, sizes, shapes, and cut-outs. Contact us to discuss your project.

To see the details of any Acoustic Panel and order a sample, click on the thumbnail below.

Acoustic Panels: Grille Slat

(Up to 1.02 SAA and 1.0 NRC)

Acoustic Panels: Linear Slat

(Up to 0.88 SAA and 0.85 NRC)

Acoustic Panels: Square Slat

(Up to 0.85 SAA and 0.85 NRC)

Acoustic Panels: Grooved

(Up to 0.87 SAA and 0.85 NRC)

Acoustic Panel Walkthrough

View a video rendering of our Grille Slat configuration

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