Reclaimed Teak Going Grey

We placed reclaimed teak decking in the elements and photographed it periodically over time. The wood was exposed to southern Oregon weather with temperatures ranging from 6ºF to 106ºF. The teak has been exposed to snow, rain, intense sunshine and particles in the air (dust, pollen, etc). Many factors work together causing wood to turn grey but all wood will turn grey when outside. Depending on the climate, it may take longer in some areas than others.

Video: 200 Days to Grey


NYC, The High Line–Teak goes from Honey, Brown to Soft, Silver Grey

Reclaimed Teak Decking Install - The High Line in NYC


Teak is the best wood for exterior applications

  • Becomes a pale grey over time unless the wood is UV protected
  • Stands up to the elements handling all kinds of weather extremes
  • Naturally resistant to rot and wood eating pests
Go Grey         Maintain Color  
Reclaimed Teak Decking Unfinished
Reclaimed Teak Decking Clear Sealer Finish
Clear Sealer
                a  Reclaimed Teak Decking Sansin Tinted Sealer
Tinted Stain & Sealer

Prices are for quantities from 1,200 to 23,999 lineal feet (Contractor Pricing)


TerraMai Decking Finishes:

  • Clear Sealer provides added moisture protection while allowing the wood to grey over time
  • Tinted Stain & Sealer protects the wood from UV exposure and moisture while also maintaining color


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Reclaimed old growth teak versus new plantation grown teak


  • Trees grew slowly in virgin dense forests resulting in tight growth rings = more stable wood with less movement
  • Slow growth results in more heartwood = greater rot resistance
  • High silica content = water and weather resistance
  • Trees grow quickly in sparse forests
  • Greater portion of sapwood = color inconsistency
  • Lower silica content


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