Capital One Banks

Reclaimed Oak used in Capital One Banks

Project: Capital one View Slideshow

Location: Boulder, Chicago, Denver, & New York

Designer: Interior Architects

Product: Boulder – Oak End Blocks, Denver – Mission Oak White Engineered with Oil, Chicago – Mission Oak White Engineered with White Oil, New York – Mission Oak White Solid with Oil

Using human-centered design thinking, Capital One design teams are reinventing and reimagining banking creating Capital One Cafes. TerraMai’s reclaimed wood is a key element in these customer-centered spaces. Banking and financial planning can cause anxiety with consumers. Capital One has listened to their customer and utilized design as the driving force to transform the customer experience. They have created solutions to customer pain points and provide social, multi-use spaces that welcome customers to come in and stay awhile.  We love working with Capital One and applaud their dedication to improving the customer experience.

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