Fir Square Slat Flex Panels - Faux Sugi Ban

TerraMai’s innovative Flex Panels give you design freedom like never before - they can hug arches, wrap around columns, or embellish curved walls. Each panel can form concave or convex shapes with radii as tight as 14 inches.

These innovative panels are modular for easy installation, and the flexible plywood backer is stained black to perfectly complement our many available wood species.

Source: Sticks reclaimed from pre-consumer industrial fall-down from throughout the Pacific Northwest, backer is FSC® Certified new wood from the Pacific Northwest.

Construction: 1-1/4” wide x 1-1/4” deep slats spaced 3/4” apart, installed on 3/8" flexible, 3-ply plywood with Class A fire retardant applied. Slat rows are fabricated with one or two pieces per row. Plywood stained black with low-VOC stain.

Net Dimensions: 1-5/8" (41 mm) thick x 22" (559 mm) face width x 7' 11-3/8" (2,423 mm) fixed lengths.

Millwork: Surfaced four sides (S4S), square edge.

Finish: Faux Sugi Ban.

Character: Vertical grain with occasional small/sound tight knots.

Contributes to: LEED V4 Low-Emitting Materials (Possible 3 Points) 

Fir Square Slat Flex Panels - Faux Sugi Ban

Price per Sample: 0.00

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