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TerraMai's Western Red Cedar can elevate any project on beauty alone but its many benefits will make you feel like a design hero. Western Red Cedar has a history of performance as demonstrated through its lasting beauty and durability. It is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attacks; is a natural thermal insulator and it has a subtle cedar scent. The wood is free of resin and pitch therefore it takes finishes exceptionally well. Also available as paneling.

Source: Reclaimed cedar from Vancouver Island consisting of standing dead trees and found logs abandoned from forestry practices

Species: Thuja plicata

Colors: Tobacco brown to red brown with some pale sapwood

Millwork: Surfaced four sides (S4S), shiplap profile with 1/4" reveal. Custom profile available upon request.

Net Dimensions: 3/4” thick x 5" wide x 4’ or greater random lengths

Character: Mixed grain with missing and tight knots and occasional surface seasoning checks.

Finish: Available unfinished or prefinished with Sansin exterior protective finish. 2 Sansin options:

  • Clear Protective Sealer provides added moisture protection while allowing the wood to grey over time
  • Natural Tone Protective Stain & Sealer protects the wood from UV exposure and moisture while also maintaining color

Contractor Pricing - $18.85 (Unfinished) / $22.30 (Sansin Exterior Finish)

  • Less than 500 square feet - $20.95 / $24.75
  • 500 - 9,999 square feet - $18.85 / $22.30
  • 10,000 square feet and greater - $Call

Standard Pricing - $20.95 (Unfinished) / $24.75 (Sansin Exterior Finish)

  • Less than 500 square feet - $20.95 / $24.75
  • 500 square feet and greater - $19.90 / $23.51

Note: Prices are per square foot. Minimum order $2,500.

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