Gorgeous reclaimed redwood siding. Classic burgundy redwood with amber tones.

Source: Various structures from the San Francisco Bay Area

SpeciesSequoia sempervirens

Colors: Auburn, burgundy and similar tones. Some lighter, amber sap wood also present in some pieces. 

Net Dimensions

  • Beveled Lap profile:  6-3/4" wide (including 1/4" reveal) x 5/8" thick x 2' - 5’ random lengths.
  • Board & Batten profile:  8-1/2" wide (7-1/2" Boards spaced 1" apart with 3-1/2" Battens centered on gap) x 1-1/4" total thickness x 2' - 5’ random lengths.
  • Rainscreen profile:  6-3/4” wide (including 3/16" reveal) x 11/16" thick x 2' - 5’ random lengths.
  • Shiplap profile:  7" wide (including 1/4" reveal) x 5/8" thick x 2' - 5’ random lengths.

Millwork: Surfaced four sides (S4S). 

Character: Mixed grade redwood with unfilled nail and other holes, sound and missing knots, surface seasoning checks and other signs of previous history and use .

Finish: Available with Clear Protective Sealer or Color Protecting Exterior Finish on all faces, edges, and ends.

  • Clear Protective Sealer provides added moisture protection while allowing the wood to develop a silver/grey natural patina over time.
  • Color Protecting Exeterior Finish protects the wood from UV exposure and moisture to help maintain the original color of the wood.

Certification: FSC Recycled 100% - FSC-C021798 

HPDDownload Lost Coast Redwood Siding Surfaced HPD 

Profile Clear Protective Sealer Color Protecting Exterior Finish
Beveled Lap $14.95 $15.95
Board & Batten $18.95 $19.95
Rainscreen $15.95 $16.95
Shiplap $14.95 $15.95


    Lead Time: Typically ships within 4 weeks
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