Lost Coast Redwood Siding - Fog

Beautifully weathered redwood siding prefinished with a tinted exterior stain emulating a misty coastal fog.

Source: Various structures from the San Francisco Bay Area

SpeciesSequoia sempervirens

Colors:  Light and medium grey with a touch of light brown as seen through a misty white fog

Net Dimensions: 5/8” thick x 7" wide (including 1/4" reveal) x 2' to 5’ random lengths.

Millwork: Original weathered face, surfaced three sides (S3S). Shiplap profile with 1/4" reveal.    

Character: Vertical and mixed grain. Heavy to light weathering. Occasional unfilled fastener, insect or other through holes. Tight knots up to 3" wide with some missing knots 1-1/2"wide or less. Seasoning checks and end-splits not to exceed 4." Possible oxide and other staining, along with other evidence of prior history and age. Some evidence of skip-planing on the back face due to the variation in raw material thickness. 

Finish: Sansin exterior protective stain & sealer

Certification: FSC Recycled 100% - FSC-C021798

Pricing: $14.95/sf

Lost Coast Redwood Siding - Fog

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Lost Coast Redwood Siding - Fog

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