Lost Coast Redwood Paneling - Fog

Beautifully weathered redwood paneling prefinished with a tinted stain emulating a misty coastal fog. Material is excellent for cladding, wainscoting and similar applications.

This product is available with our Shiplap 2.0 profile

Source: Various structures from the San Francisco Bay Area

Species: Sequoia sempervirens

Colors: Light and medium grey with a touch of light brown as seen through a misty white fog

Net Dimensions: 1/2” thick x 7" or 5" wide x 2' to 5’ random lengths.

Millwork: Surfaced three sides (S3S) with the original weathered face left intact. Square-edge tongue & groove profile.

Character: Vertical or mixed grade redwood with heavy to light weathered patina, occasional unfilled nail and other holes, occasional sound and missing knots, occasional surface seasoning checks, occasional end splits and other signs of previous history and use.

Finish: Low-VOC stain

Certification: FSC Recycled 100% - FSC-C021798

Finish 5" 7"
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Lost Coast Redwood Paneling - Fog

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Lost Coast Redwood Paneling - Fog

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