Douglas Fir Paneling - Faux Sugi Ban®

TerraMai's Faux Sugi Ban® is an elegant solution for the shou sugi ban charred wood look without the flaking or rubbing off on clothing. No fire is used in the making of Faux Sugi Ban. We texture it to enhance the grain then use a finishing process to give it the shou sugi ban aesthetic of Gendai, meaning burned and brushed once. 

Source: Pre-consumer fall down reclaimed from throughout the Pacific Northwest

SpeciesPseudotsuga menziesii 

Colors: Dark grey to black and ash

Millwork: Surfaced four sides (S4S) with tongue & groove, square-edge profile. Unfilled.  

Net Dimensions: 5/8" thick x 5" wide x 2' to 12’ random lengths 

Character: Vertical and mixed grain. Tight, loose, and missing knots of all sizes. Surface seasoning checks.

Finish: Faux Sugi Ban. In most cases we can add a fire retardant as needed. 

Pricing: $17.95/sf

Douglas Fir Paneling - Faux Sugi Ban®

Price per Sample: 0.00
Lead Time: Most samples ship within 1 to 2 business days.

Douglas Fir Paneling - Faux Sugi Ban®

Lead Time: Typically ships within 4 weeks

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