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How'd we get our Dirty Face? As fencing exposed to wind, rain and snow; as vintage barns and naturally distressed buildings that have stood the test of time; and from riding the rails as shipping dunnage protecting goods. Dirty Face has been working, working, working and has now earned a change of venue where its weathered and character-rich face is appreciated for all it has done.

This product is available with our Shiplap 2.0 profile

Source: Predominantly Oak with some other species, mostly Hickory, reclaimed from shipping dunnage, vintage barns, fencing and other structures from eastern United States 

SpeciesQuercus alba & rubra and Carya genus 

Color Tones: Weathered greys, browns and tans. 3" wide material tends to have more grey tones than 4-1/2" wide material.

Millwork: Surfaced three sides (S3S) with a square-edge tongue & groove profile. Back relieved. 

Net Dimensions: 1/2" thick x 3" wide x 2' to 8' solid random lengths or 5/8" thick x 4-1/2" wide x 2' to 8' solid random lengths

Character: Unfilled nail and other holes, surface seasoning checks, sound tight knots and other signs of prior history and age. Some circle sawn surfacing.  

Finish: Available unfinished, unsanded and unfilled. Material can also be skip planed and finished with zero-VOC clear or tinted oil. In most cases, we can add a fire retardant as needed. 

Certification: FSC Recycled 100% - FSC-C021798


LEED: EQ: Low-Emitting Materials*


  3" 4-1/2"  
As-is Face $11.95/sf $12.95/sf  
As-is with Clear or Tinted Oil $13.95./sf $14.95/sf  
Skip Planed Unfinished $12.95/sf $13.95/sf  
Skip Planed with Clear or Tinted Oil $14.95/sf $15.95/sf  

 Volume discounts available: Email your rep

*Per LEED v4, materials such as unfinished/untreated solid wood flooring are inherently non-emitting sources of VOCs