Lost Coast Mini Slat Modular Panel - Weathered

A delicate nod to TerraMai’s additional slatted paneling, the Mini Slat Modular Panel design keeps a quiet peace between each wood strip. This airy subtlety brings a sense of breath to the panel – and the space in which it rests. Mini Slat Modular Panels make a graceful addition to any design project with its gentle, ordered arrangement. A little sister to TerraMai’s bolder Square Slat Panels, Mini Slat is ideal for smaller spaces looking for a graceful touch.

Source: Slats reclaimed from aging structures in the San Francisco Bay area, backer is FSC® Certified new wood from the Pacific Northwest.

Construction: 1-1/4” wide x 3/8” deep slats spaced 1/4” apart, installed on 1/2" FSC Certified, 5-ply Birch plywood with Class A fire retardant applied. Slat rows are fabricated with one or two pieces per row. Plywood stained black with low-VOC stain.

Net Dimensions: 7/8" (22 mm) thick x 22-1/2" (572 mm) face width x 7' 11-3/8" (2,423 mm) fixed lengths.

Millwork: Surfaced three sides (S3S) with as-is weathered face, square edge. Shiplap perimeter.

Finish: Unfinished

Character: May include unfilled nail and other holes, black oxide stains, surface seasoning checks, sound tight knots and other signs of prior history and use.

Certifications: FSC® Mix 92% - FSC-C021798. HPD Documents are available.

Contributes to: LEED V4 Low-Emitting Materials (Possible 3 Points)

Lost Coast Mini Slat Modular Panel - Weathered

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