Create spaces of unsurpassed beauty and character with TerraMai Modular Panels; reclaimed and sustainable wood on a Class A fire rated, FSC-certified plywood backer. Installation is quick, easy, and stays true to your design intent. Our modular panels will dramatically reduce your installation time for faster project completion.  TerraMai Chevron Modular Panels are a good fit for many environments and creates excitement and life in any space.

Available Species: Doug Fir, Lost Coast Redwood Weathered, Mission Oak White, Orchard Walnut, Rock Walnut

Net Dimensions: 1" (25 mm) thick x 23" (584 mm) wide x 80-5/8" (2048 mm) long. Gross Panel Dimensions: 1" (25 mm) thick x 23-5/8" (600 mm) wide x 93" (2362 mm)

Construction: Chevron planks 3" wide x 16-1/4" long, ends cut at a 45 degree angle, installed on 1/2" FSC Certified, 5-ply Birch plywood with Class A fire retardant applied.

Millwork: Shiplap perimeter

Finish: Finish: Zero-VOC clear oil or low-VOC poly

Character: Varies by species

Certifications: FSC Mix 50% to 100% depending on species - FSC-C021798

LEED: IEQ: Low-Emitting Materials; MR: Recycled Content

WELL: VOC Reduction-Feature 4, Toxic Material Reduction-Feature 25

    Price per Sample: $25.00
    Lead Time: Most samples ship within 1 to 2 business days.

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