Modular Panels

Beauty and Speed

Fast & Simple Installation

Prefabricated modular panels allow the installation team to quickly complete jobs

Multiple Styles

Plank, 3D Cube, 3D Stick, Chevron, Slats, and Board & Batten

Custom Capabilities

Our in-house craftspeople and state of the art equipment will bring your vision to life

Create spaces of unsurpassed beauty and character with TerraMai Modular Panels; reclaimed and sustainable wood on an FSC-certified plywood backer. Installation is quick, easy, and stays true to your design intent. Our modular panels will dramatically reduce your installation time for faster project completion.

Plank Modular Panel Video

View how TerraMai's Plank Modular Panels are fabricated and installed.

Featured Modular Panel Projects

3D Stick, Austin

Stephanie Boswell, LEED GA and Sr. Interior Designer for Cushing Terrell worked with a large tech company to design its new office in Austin. White surfaces, clean lines, recessed wood bases, and attention to detail hint at the company's philosophy for precision. To add depth, Boswell worked with TerraMai to design a 3D feature wall crafted with reclaimed White Oak that would add a natural element, while maintaining continuity of design. Because of the tight construction timeline, TerraMai's 3D Stick Modular Panels were fabricated in-house and shipped to the job site for quick and simple project completion.

Wave Wall, Berkeley

When residents and guests walk into the large dining and entertainment area at a new senior living community in Berkeley, they'll immediately notice the dining wall. The "Wave Wall" hints at the theme of the space in a way that feels cool and artful by adding visual texture, depth, and acoustic dampening through multi-colored wood slats that form sound waves.

As Kristy Yang, Senior Interior Designer from Direct Supply Aptura, was designing this wall, she wasn't sure if the end product would be exactly what she envisioned. "Knowing we could get an unskilled laborer and end up with something that isn't what everyone wanted, I was just praying for a contractor who had the capabilities and could build what I envisioned. But then I was sharing my idea with Kevin, my TerraMai rep, and he mentioned that TerraMai had the capabilities to build out this wall using their new modular panels and I knew it would be the right solution."

The Wave Wall will be constructed using 25 Modular Panels, which will be fabricated by TerraMai and then assembled on the job site. (Wave Wall designed by Kristy Yang.)