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In addition to offering the broadest selection of reclaimed wood products, TerraMai also offers a wide range of custom finishing services. These include:

  • Colors – a full spectrum of both water and oil-based tints and stains for both interior and exterior applications.
  • Oil Finishes – highest quality, zero-VOC and low-VOC options for both interior and exterior applications.
  • Polyurethane Finishes – a full variety of sheens - from super matte to high gloss - all low-VOC products.
  • Flame Retardants - both water-based and oil-based low-VOC options for interior and exterior applications.

Check out our Jewel Box collection to get a sense of just some of the custom finish options we can provide.


Custom Millwork

In addition to offering the broadest selection of reclaimed wood materials, TerraMai offers a full range of custom millwork services. When it comes to custom profiles - whether T&G, shiplap, micro-bevels, reveals - TerraMai has the tooling, experience and expertise to do it all.

TerraMai also provides custom surface treatments, such as wire-brushing.

We can create edge-joined products such as table tops, countertops, bar tops, floating stair treads and more.

TerraMai provides custom-milled and custom fabricated products for commercial, corporate, hospitality, institutional and residential projects of all types and sizes. TerraMai's custom milling capabilities, experience and expertise set us apart in the industry.


Product Advice

TerraMai’s experienced staff can advise on all aspects of reclaimed wood for commercial, residential and other projects. We enjoy collaborating with top design professionals on complex projects involving multiple players, as well as more straightforward projects involving manufactures and homeowners.

TerraMai's products run the gamut from refined and consistent to more character-rich and dynamic. No one else offers the range of species, looks, millwork, fabrication and finish options TerraMai provides, or the level of service and expertise.

TerraMai routinely works with premiere design firms like Gensler, Callison, Perkins+Will and others on projects for Google, Stanford University, Ritz-Carlton, the City of New York, Disney and many other world-renowned clients.

We understand how to translate design intent into tangible products that will perform under the most demanding circumstances. We also understand how to service builders, developers, manufacturers and homeowners.

When TerraMai joins a project team, we bring 20-plus years of experience on what works, what's avoidable and what's possible. That breadth and depth of product knowledge and project expertise is an invaluable asset to any project.

TerraMai also has experience advising clients on how to reclaim material and reuse it in the same project, as detailed in this case study of the REI SoHo project, shown above.


Storage & Logistics

Want to lock up a unique TerraMai inventory? Want the peace of mind knowing that your materials are already milled and available for shipping on 24 hours' notice?

Many of our clients choose to purchase material early. As a convenience, we are happy to store materials in our warehouse until needed onsite.

Your materials will be well cared for and insured for the full amount of purchase. Assuming there is no balance owed to TerraMai (typically for Storage Fees), we can ship on 24 hours' notice.

For details, please see our Storage & Insurance Agreement and contact us with any questions.

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