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Reclaimed Oak

Whether you're looking for elevated and refined, or classic Americana – TerraMai's Reclaimed Oak has you covered.

Reclaimed Teak

For centuries sailors have lined the hulls and sterns of ships with strong woods like Teak. Bring the beautiful history of this sustainable hardwood into your creations.

Reclaimed Acacia & Walnut

Rich and alluring, Acacia and Walnut woods will add luxurious and stunning tones to your next design.

Reclaimed Redwood

A perfect choice for projects calling for rustic beauty, TerraMai's Redwood has distinct weathered grain patterns, accentuation with a variety of stains and finishes.

Reclaimed Doug Fir

Workhorses of the West, Doug Fir & Cedar woods range from clean and stately Wide Plank styles to the prismatic tones of our Jewel Box finishes.

Sustainable White Oak

With clean grain, TerraMai's sustainably-sourced Oak is a canvas for amazing design.

Sustainable Hickory

TerraMai's Hickory has a bold look with multiple colors and extreme grain patterns presented.

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