sustainable world mix reclaimed flooring installation photos
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Torc Restaurant (former Unbutu) - Reclaimed "World Mix" Wood Flooring


Project: Unbutu Restaurant

Location: Napa, CA

Designer: T Beller Design, Napa & Apparatus Architecture, San Francisco

Product: World Mix Dark Flooring


Nestled on a quiet tree-lined street in downtown Napa, Ubuntu had earned rave reviews for both its decor and, of course, its food that was entirely vegetarian. Yet, it didn't survive. Despite all the attention it attracted, Unbutu had to close its doors in 2011.

It's both ironic and fitting - a wild boar is the logo for Torc, the restaurant that took over the Ubuntu space. What could be more meat-centric than a boar? The name Torc comes from the Gaelic word for this animal, which, according to chef/owner Sean O'Toole, is synonymous with feasts and hospitality in his native culture.