Swedish Medical Center - Reclaimed Teak & Fir Paneling

Reclaimed teak and fir paneling in swedish medical center

Project: Swedish Medical Center                                                                                                                                  Slideshow >

Location:  Seattle (Issaquah), WA

Designer:  CollinsWoerman 

Builder:  ISEC, Inc. 

Products: Reclaimed Fir Paneling and Reclaimed Teak Paneling

Reclaimed wood adds warmth to institutional projects like this one. Architecture firm CollinsWoerman took special care to create an open, welcoming environment for patients, families and staff. A profound departure from the more familiar cramped, Byzantine, sterile hospital experience.

In addition to warmth and beauty, the reclaimed wood used for this project is also sustainable. It came from old high school and college gymnasium bleachers and aging structures from Southeast Asia.