Skyway Library - Reclaimed Teak Siding

Reclaimed teak siding on Skyway library

Project: Skyway Library                                                                                                                                                    Slideshow >

Location: Seattle, WA

Designer: Weinstein A+U

Product: Reclaimed Surfaced Teak Siding

Tucked inside its sleek entryway, Skyway Library showcases reclaimed teak which balances nicely with the Library’s brightly colored exterior. The siding’s linear precision and calming tobacco browns and muted copper tones provide a perfect sense of library. Known for its resilience to the elements and overall durability, teak is an excellent choice for exterior applications.

Seattle-based architecture firm, Weinstein A+U promises to create buildings and places that are simple and direct, yet inspiring to their users. The Skyway Library is another prime example of their uncompromising design approach. This library design excites and calms all at the same time. Just what a library should do.

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