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Reclaimed stair treads, flooring, cladding and fixtures in REI

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Location: New York

Designer: Callison

BuilderSchimenti Construction Company

Products: Reclaimed Pine & Ash Cladding & Fixtures, Reclaimed Oak Flooring & Stair Treads   

Take a bunch of ratty 125-year-old old wood pulled out of a historic building in New York, figure out what can be done with it, load it onto trucks clogging the teeming streets of Manhattan, haul the battered material away to be remilled into custom products in coordination with architects, designers, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, corporate project managers, millwrights and truckers spanning both coasts and four time zones on a tight schedule for a giant high-profile retail space in Manhattan? No problem. We eat that stuff for breakfast.

And so the journey began. Long story short – it all came together beautifully. The blood, sweat and toil in between? We won’t trouble you with that. Simply enjoy the slideshow above and behold the results and the process as told in these amazing photos by Callison's Ann Nelson and TerraMai's Andy K in New York.  

These are the kinds of projects that make TerraMai unique. We provide a level of service, consultation, product and project management and final product available nowhere else. It's this level of expertise and experience that enables TerraMai to work on an on-going basis with premiere clients like Callison and REI.

Have a similar project? Get in touch! We live for this stuff.

Have something much smaller in scale and complexity? We love those projects too.

For us, the rewards come from working with bright, talented people who appreciate the value, beauty and story of reclaimed wood. It all flows from there.



The historic Puck Building in New York has served many colorful tenants in its long and colorful history. The building is a classic example of Romanesque Revival architecture designed by Albert Wagner. It was constructed in two phases between 1885 and 1893. It is the original home of the famed Puck Magazine, America’s first humor magazine (1871-1918). It is these origins that explain the two beloved gilded statues of Shakespeare's Puck, by sculptor Henry Baerer, that adorn the building.

The Puck Building later served as home to another legendary humor publication, and scourge of the 80’s, Spy Magazine (1986-1998). During this era the building was informally known as ‘The Spy Building’. In an ironic twist of New York fate, the building is now owned by Jared Kushner, husband of Ivanka Trump, whose father Donald Trump suffered incessantly from the stinging pens of Kurt Anderson, Graydon Carter and other writers and editors at Spy Magazine during the magazine’s glory days in the 1980s.

More recently the building has served as a center for both New York University and the Pratt Institute. It has also become a popular location for philanthropic events drawing the likes of Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. The Puck Building now embarks on a new era as home to REI's new SoHo location.


See how the REI rennovation preserved as much of the Puck Building's unique history as possible in this short video.



A favorite of outdoor recreationalists of all types, styles and levels, REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) began as a humble co-op and is now the largest consumer cooperative in the U.S. The company was founded by husband-and-wife mountaineers Lloyd and Mary Anderson in Seattle in 1938. The Anderson's imported an 'Akadem Pickle' ice axe from Austria for themselves and were so smitten with the beautiful alpine instrument they decided to establish a cooperative to help other outdoor enthusiast access similar goods.  

The company continued to focus on hardcore mountaineering gear over the ensuing decades but starting in the 1980s began evolving into a more diverse outlet catering to outdoor activities of all kinds – from kayaking to cycling to classic family car camping. The company also now offers a wide range of clothing, from specialty to casual. REI offers goods manufactured under its own brand name, as well as a wide array of other brands. The company now enjoys broad consumer appeal and annual sales revenues of more than $1.5 billion.

Despite its growth, REI remains a cooperative. Members pay a $20 lifetime membership fee and enjoy discounts and special deals. The company employs about 10,000 people, including part-time sales staff. The company perpetually ranks near the top of Fortune Magazine’s annual ‘top companies to work for’ list and is enshrined in the magazine ranking’s ‘Hall of Fame’.



Callison is one of the world's top architecture, design and consulting firms with a pedigree that includes a lengthy list of awards and rankings stretching back many years and far too long to list here. Founded and based in Seattle, the firm now has offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, Dubai, Beijing, Shanghai and elsewhere across the country and around the world.

"Global reach and focus on clients' business goals make Callison one of the world's top architecture and design firms," according to the company's website. "As the number one retail design firm in the world and a global leader in mixed-use, this broad market experience gives us unequaled strategic insight. From retail to corporate and hospitality to residential, we help clients create memorable destinations that continue to outpace expectations year after year."

"Our team-based approach ensures the cross-pollination of ideas and insights. Our staff is encouraged to gain experience across markets and we are committed to providing the highest quality continuing education and professional development in our industry. We partner with our clients for long-term success. As Fortune 500 companies and global leaders, they need a firm that understands their business strategies and can help them achieve their goals. Many of our clients have used our services for a decade or more."

"Nothing succeeds like experience. Designs that generate economic and emotional returns require more than creativity. Few firms can match the knowledge and cross-market expertise of Callison's world-class team. By translating client goals into strategic designs, we achieve long-term market share for our clients."



In addition to REI, Schimenti Construction's list of corporate clients includes such familiar global names as Starbucks, Gap, Banana Republic, Target, Bank of America - just to name a few. Based in Ridgefield, CT with offices in New York, Schimenti continues to build on its history of success.

"Schimenti Construction represents the third generation of a family that can trace its roots in the construction industry to the 1960's," according to the company's website. Matthew Schimenti founded Schimenti Construction in 1994. Matthew's father, Donald, had apprenticed with his own father, Michael, in the 1960's when the New York metro area was experiencing a building boom. Donald later founded AMD Construction in 1971.

"Michael Schimenti was an architect who designed and built large scale projects with his partner, Max Wechsler. Some of his notable projects include several 500-unit apartment complexes, 60+ story office towers, schools, and shopping centers in the metro New York area."

"With this exceptional family history in the construction industry, Matt used his extensive knowledge and experience to create a construction company focused on quality.  His passion for excellence, communication and timeliness has resulted in a company that provides the highest quality of service to the retail and construction industries."

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