Priceline - Reclaimed Red Oak Paneling, Tables & Beams

Reclaimed Red Oak Paneling, Tables & Beams

Project: Priceline View Slideshow

Location: Norwalk, CT

Designer: TPG Architecture

Product: Reclaimed Red Oak Skip Planed with Oil - Paneling, Beams and Tables

Its rather synergistic that Priceline, the world leader in online travel and related services, should choose TerraMai - Reclaimed Woods from Around the World to adorn their corporate office. The Priceline team fulfills their company mission of helping people experience the world while surrounded by seasoned and story-rich red oak that was reclaimed from vintage buildings and barns from the eastern half of the United States. The world is full of enduring wonder, whether it is realized in woods reclaimed from far or near or in travel destinations around the globe.

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