Maui Residential Estate - Reclaimed Teak Shingle Roofs

Maui residence teak shingle roofing

Project: Private Residence                                                                                                                                              Slideshow > 

Location: Hawaii (Big Island), HI

General Contractor: Ryan Associates - New York, San Francisco, Hawaii 

Roofing Contractor: Huber & Associates - Lake City, FL 

Reclaimed teak shingle roofs are the most prominent design feature on this residential compound on the Big Island of Hawaii. The design and intricate installation of these custom shingles combine to create interplays of light, shadow and pattern that change throughout the day from sunrise to sunset.

TerraMai worked with the builder, Ryan Associates, to create the specs for these custom shingles. We then worked with our network of suppliers and fabricators in Southeast Asia to source the reclaimed teak, mill the shingles and deliver them directly to the jobsite. From there, shingle maestros Huber & Associates handled the amazing installation. 

This project exemplifies a number of TerraMai's strengths - the ability to collaborate with top-tier builders to provide custom reclaimed wood solutions available nowhere else for the most demanding, complex projects.