Hulu - Reclaimed Weathered Lost Coast Redwood Paneling

Reclaimed Weathered Redwood Paneling in Hulu office building

Project: Hulu View Slideshow

Location: New York City

Designer: Gensler - New York

Product: Reclaimed Weathered Lost Coast Redwood Paneling

Beautifully weathered redwood paneling with its naturally distressed patina of weathered browns and greys graces Hulu’s office lobby in NYC and is the perfect greeting to all Hulugans and visitors. The on-demand streaming video provider enlisted Gensler to create an environment suitable for those working together at the intersection of entertainment and technology. Lost Coast Redwood Weathered will do what wood does best; sound-dampen, mood-elevate and stress relieve – the ideal accouterment to the work place.

At Gensler, clients come first in everything they do. Gensler works collaboratively to meet client needs, expectations and strategies. TerraMai is pleased to be a part of their vision for Hulu.

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