Extreme Makeover Home Edition - Reclaimed Wood Paneling, Table Tops, Shelving

Reclaimed wood paneling, table tops and shelving

Project: Extreme Makeover Home Edition / McPhail Family                                                                                      Slideshow >

Location: Medford, OR

Designer: Extreme Makeover Home Edition

BuilderArk Built / Ken Snelling Design Associates 

Products: Naturally Distressed Teak Paneling, Naturally Distressed Peroba Paneling, Douglas Fir Table/Counter Top, Douglas Fir Beams, Douglas Fir Paneling, Douglas Fir Bleacher Seat Shelving

Like a Kardashian sister with a fresh husband, we are drawn to the camera lights like a shameless moth to the flame. And when the opportunity also offers the chance to help a deserving family then we're doubly excited. Such was the case when we were offered the privilege to participate in Extreme Makeover Home Edition to benefit the McPhail family of Medford, OR.

TerraMai worked with show designers Kara Wheeler and Yogi Galelewis to create the below custom products to benefit the family and their two autistic sons, Sawyer and Thatcher.

  • Distressed Teak Paneling for a master bedroom installation
  • Douglas fir shelving material made from reclaimed bleacher seats for the kid’s bedrooms and bathroom
  • Distressed Peroba plank door for the kid’s bathroom made from peroba reclaimed from old barns in Brazil 
  • A floating slab dining table/countertop made from Douglas fir reclaimed from an old shipping barge from the Hawaiian Islands
  • Doug fir beams for the main family room reclaimed from an old steel pipe factory near Napa, CA
  • Rough-sawn Doug fir planks for a faux barn in one of the children’s rooms  

Below is a synopsis of the McPhail episode - Season 9, Episode 6 - from the show’s website, where one can also view the full episode.  

“Ty [Pennington] and the team head to Medford, Oregon to surprise the McPhail family! C.J. and Lindsay McPhail started the Southern Oregon Chapter of Sparrow Clubs, a non-profit organization which helps children with medical issues by pairing them with a school that adopts them as their Sparrow.

C.J. and Lindsay never imagined that they would one day need their own organization. Soon after moving to Portland, their oldest son, Sawyer, was diagnosed with a form of autism and their second oldest son, Thatcher, began to show signs of autism as well. Sawyer became a Sparrow, and through his endearing personality, he helped put a face on autism and brought awareness to over 900 students in his adopted school.

The family moved back to Medford to live on a 50-acre family property next to Lindsay's parents. The electrical system is from 1958. The windows are a safety hazard. The plumbing leaks, creating mold in the bathrooms. Only the kitchen, living room and front bedroom have ventilation, so the family is forced to rely on space heaters in the winter. They need help. Well, help is on the way!

Ty and designers Paul, Paige, Ed welcome a new recruit--comedian Jeff Dye. The team is joined by local builders Ark Built Renovations and community volunteers to build the structure while the family is whisked away on a dream vacation to the new Aulani Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii. Sawyer loves volcanoes, so the team drills until they find a volcano to take down the house. Let's just say this demolition was a real blast!

The fact that Lindsay runs a workout boot camp for moms inspires Chris Powell from Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition to stop by to help. Chris and Paige visit a place that specializes in making playground and exercise equipment. It has all the goods to build up Lindsay's boot camp. But before they get started, Chris holds a little workout session with all of Lindsay's mom friends.

Dr. Temple Grandin, acclaimed author, professor and livestock handling facility designer is one of the most visible spokespeople for people with autism. She works with the design team to help with the build. The organization Autism Speaks lights the town blue to enhance Autism Awareness with musical accompaniment from the B-52s! Later, the local school introduces the family to their newest Sparrow Club family. A local family is also stepping up to sponsor three new Sparrow Clubs in Oregon as well as the first Sparrow in Hawaii.

The family comes home to cheers from the waiting crowd. They are overwhelmed by all of the support they've received.

The builders tell the family that the community has come through with a $50,000 home maintenance fund. The McPhails believe this new home will change their lives. That's fitting since they've had such an impact on so many other lives. Welcome home, McPhail family. Welcome home.”