Chartwell School - Reclaimed Redwood Siding & Doug Fir Paneling

Reclaimed Doug Fir Paneling by TerraMai

Project: Chartwell School                                                                                                                                      Slideshow >

Location: Seaside, CA

Designer: EHDD Architecture

Products: Redwood Siding reclaimed from wine tanks and Douglas Fir Paneling reclaimed from high school gymnasium bleachers

Since 1983, Chartwell School’s mission has been to educate children with language-related learning challenges. When it came time to build a new school, they chose to work with EHDD Architecture to create a healthy school environment. And they did just that. The new school was awarded LEED Platinum by USGBC, the first complete educational campus to do so. TerraMai helped Chartwell School attain their high green rating with reclaimed wood. It seems fitting that Douglas Fir from high school gymnasium bleachers be reclaimed and repurposed back into the educational system, this time as beautiful paneling at Chartwell School. Staying local, the school chose gorgeous redwood reclaimed from wine tanks for the exterior siding of the school.

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