Bua, East Village - Reclaimed Redwood and Tropical Woods


Project: Bua Irish Pub

Location: New York

Designer: Antonio Dellomo

Product: Mixed as-is and remilled reclaimed oak, redwood and tropical hardwoods - bar top, table tops, cladding, siding and other applications


Is it the ‘lovely twenty-somethings,’ the ‘relaxed and cool vibe,’ or the ‘super friendly’ staff that make Bua a favorite hang-out of the East Village social scene and a New York Magazine Critic’s Pick? For us, it’s all about the wood, used to masterly effect by designer Antonio Dellomo and the pub’s two Irish owners.

Bua Reclaimed Wood Interior and Tables

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About Bua by Bua

A bar for everyone, Bua is located at 122 Saint Mark's Place, in the heart of New York's East Village. Once the home of 'Sin e' - where Jeff Buckley played every Monday - the decor fuses the building's old structure with contemporary design to create a warm, traditional, yet hip atmosphere.

Bua is a bar for all seasons. Exposed red brick and old oak tables provide a cozy and welcome refuge in the winter, while during the warmer months the windows open onto the streets to bring the outside in.


Independent Reviews

New York Magazine                                                                                                                           

  • Critics' Pick                                                                                                                                                            
  • Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Now a comfy bar full of Tisch and Cooper Union students, the joint's Irish name (bua is Gaelic for 'victory') but not in practice, forgoing the usual pub hodgepodge for more capricious comforts...with long oak benches ensuring room for dozens. And with shows long a thing of the past, the bar's patrons are now the main attraction: In the space's flickering candlelight, the catty twentysomethings all look lovely. - Tom Blunt


Shecky's Nightlife

Imagine one of those 'otheroom' bars being dropped onto Saint Mark's and you Bua. A deceptively roomy, well-polished haunt appealing to East Village bohemians of the better-hygiene variety, Bua offers a friendly main bar area, a romantic lounge space and a cool patio.


Bonus Review

City Search

  • My Favorite Bar in NYC
  • by eastvillagechick

Hands down my fav place to go for a drink in NYC. Cute boys, beautiful rustic bar and fun drinks. I met my boyfriend there 2 years ago and am still completely obsessed!

  • Pros: relaxed and cool vibe
  • Cons: none  

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