Broad Beach House - Reclaimed Redwood Siding and Teak Flooring

beach house reclaimed siding and flooring

LOCATION: Malibu, CA                                                                                                                                                    Slideshow >


BUILDER: Del Mar Construction, Santa Barbara, CA

PRODUCTS: Weathered Redwood Siding & Teak Engineered Flooring with Custom Tinted-Oil Finish

Here we have a TerraMai Harmonic Convergence - sexy location, brilliant design, young architecture firm on the rise, great press, weathered reclaimed redwood siding and reclaimed teak engineered flooring.

Located in the ultra-exclusive Broad Beach neighborhood of Malibu, this house makes super efficient use of every square foot of its breathtaking sea cliff site.

Hollywood loves a beautiful stage, which is why it so loves Malibu, home to the likes of Steven Spielberg and Robert Redford (see Bonus Trivia I below). Architecture firm W+D makes brilliant use of its Malibu stage with this Broad Beach gem, featuring weathered redwood siding and teak engineered flooring from TerraMai.

Based on this stunning debut, we anticipate great things from W+D. Central to this belief is the firm's philosophy and long-term vision. The legacy of simple but ingenious mid-century houses by designer and developer Joseph Eichler serves as a well spring of inspiration for W+D. Not only in terms of design but also because these houses were conceived and built for 'average' middle-class people. 

We hope Eichler's legacy of meticulously designed, smart and efficient homes for buyers of even modest means is one W+D is able to emulate. We're rooting for them.

Appears we're not the only ones taking notice of the young firm. The overall design mastery displayed by W+D on this project is well chronicled in this recent LA Times piece, which highlights the use of reclaimed weathered redwood siding and reclaimed teak engineered flooring.

It is our belief that the clean lines and pure forms of modern design are the ultimate showcase for reclaimed wood. This project proves our point yet again. Of all TerraMai's accomplishments over the past 20 years, our pioneering advocacy of reclaimed wood as a prime material for modern design is one of our proudest.

Mention must also be given to the owners of this beautiful home, Hollywood producers Mickey Liddell and Pete Shilaimon. Great design typically doesn't happen without great clients (just ask Howard Roark).