AutoGravity - MC Walnut Flooring & Paneling

MC Walnut flooring in AutoGravity office

Project: AutoGravity View Slideshow

Location: Irvine, CA

DesignerGensler-Newport Beach

ProductMC Walnut Flooring with Oil

With the introduction of its auto financing app, AutoGravity has disrupted the traditional process for buying and financing cars. Consumers can now connect digitally with lenders and auto dealers utilizing the app to gain control and transparency in the buying process. The same mindset used to create the start-up (AutoGravity launched in 2015) is reflected in the design of their new office headquarters. The open, loft-like floorplan is designed to facilitate creativity and conversation. Missing is anything overly traditional. Instead there are a variety of flexible indoor and outdoor work spaces equipped with idea walls and desktops, and all bathed in natural light. TerraMai’s reclaimed MC Walnut flooring can be found throughout the facility. Concrete floors take over in places where bicycle, skateboard or hoverboard transport is encouraged. Gensler aptly reflects AutoGravity’s open, transparent and innovative brand philosophy in their office design.

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