Form House, Aspen - Reclaimed Teak Paneling, Siding, & Stair Treads

Reclaimed Teak Paneling

Project: Form House

Location: Aspen, CO

Designer: Rowland+Broughton 

Product: Naturally sun & water bleached Teak siding, along with Teak deckingTeak paneling, Teak stair treads and custom pieces

For this project we weathered freshly milled reclaimed teak in the elements for three months at our old mill facility prior to shipping the material to the job site. The client wanted the material to already be faded grey before it was installed. To accomplish this, we laid out the several thousand square feet of material in our yard, then watered it routinely with large sprinklers and let the water and sun produce their alchemy.

The silver-grey patina of naturally bleached teak, most commonly associated with boat decks, is a distinct and special look - one highly prized by designers. TerraMai's new facility in White City, OR encompases 16 acres, with plenty of wide open space to produce this highly coveted look. This process enables clients to have the smooth, consistent surface of freshly milled teak with the special silver-grey patina of naturally weathered boat teak.

These are the types of creative custom solutions TerraMai is uniquely equipped to offer on highly demanding projects like this one.

Reclaimed Teak Siding

Reclaimed Teak Exterior Stairs

Reclaimed Teak Interior Stairs

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