Amazon - Doppler and Block 45 Buildings – Reclaimed Teak Engineered Paneling

Reclaimed Teak paneling inside Amazon office building

Project: Amazon - Doppler and Block 45 Buildings View Slideshow

Location: Seattle, WA

Designer: NBBJ

Product: Doppler Building - Reclaimed Teak Engineered with Oil finish, Block 45 – Reclaimed Naked Teak Engineered with 4 custom finishes and Teak Blocks

Amazon, the world’s largest internet-based retailer and Seattle’s largest private employer is committed to expanding its urban campus with an eye on sustainability and thoughtful design. TerraMai materials can be found in the lobby of two of Amazon’s new buildings, Block 45 and the Doppler Building. (Also known as the Rufus building. Rufus being the first dog to spend its days at Amazon and the instigator of a now dog-friendly work environment.)

NBBJ added interest and a global flair by printing a number of languages on the Teak Engineered paneling in the Doppler building’s extensive lobby. The lobby of Block 45 is paneled with intermixed tones of custom finished Naked Teak while the elevator lobby provides 3d visual interest using square blocks of reclaimed teak of various thicknesses.

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