Levi’s® 49ers Stadium - Reclaimed Redwood Paneling, Cabinetry, Seating

Reclaimed redwood paneling, cabinets and seating at Levi's Stadium

Project: Levi’s® 49ers Stadium                                                                                                                                        Slideshow >

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Design: HNTB Architecture

Millwork: Complete Millwork Services, Inc.

Product: Reclaimed Moffett Field Redwood Paneling, Cabinetry, Seating & Benches

TerraMai was honored to be part of HNTB’s design vision for the new Levi’s® Stadium that provides an unparalleled fan experience. HTNB, a national design leader in sport and entertainment facilities, was chosen to create the new home for the San Francisco 49ers football team.

The 69,000-seat stadium situated in the heart of Silicon Valley has all the latest technical amenities. TerraMai’s reclaimed Moffett Field Redwood is just what was needed to add warmth and rich, local history to the new facility. This premium old-growth redwood comes from the iconic Hanger One facility located at nearby Moffett Field, one of America’s iconic structures. The US Navy originally built Moffett Field in the 1930’s as a zeppelin hangar during the height of the California redwood lumber industry. The majestic old-growth redwood trees were logged within miles of Silicon Valley, very likely from Levi’s® clad workers.

Google founders Larry Paige and Sergey Brin took over the restoration of Hangar One in 2012. Ken Westrick, TerraMai CEO, visited the facility and upon seeing the stunning old-growth redwood coming out of the Hangar One, purchased it all.

The gorgeous reclaimed redwood, found as paneling, cabinetry and cladding for seating and benches throughout Levi’s® Stadium’s suites and luxury boxes, is a result of the craftsmanship and beautiful millwork provided by Complete Millwork Services, Inc. Along with TerraMai reclaimed wood, the stadium features other environmentally friendly innovations such as solar panels, a green roof, paperless ticketing and energy efficient building control systems. “The choice of reclaimed redwood demonstrates both the 49ers and Levi’s® fine aesthetic tastes, their respect for materials with a special history, and their commitment to the environment,” Westrick said.

Read more about the famed Hanger One at Moffett Federal Airfield.

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