TerraMai’s Wide Plank Hickory Flooring & Paneling is a hard-wearing, durable 100% FSC hardwood that originates from the southeastern United States. Hickory can have a fairly consistent grain and color distribution or have a bold look with several different colors and extreme grain patterns presented in one board. Mink finish softens the variation and gives a luxurious richness.

Source: FSC certified new wood harvested in the southeastern United States

Species: Carya genus

Color Tones: Darker brown tones with some lighter brown areas

Net Dimensions: 1/2" thick x 7" wide x 1' to 7' random lengths

Millwork/Construction: Hickory wear layer at 1/8" thick (3 mm) over a plywood substrate. Three-ply, single strip construction. Tongue & groove profile with micro-bevel. End-matched

Character: Rustic character grade. Surface seasoning checks, some missing knots and occasional sound tight knots. Holes and voids prefilled with black epoxy

Finish: Low-VOC stain and low-VOC polyurethane. In most cases, we can also add a fire retardant as needed.

Certification FSC Mix 100% - FSC-C021798

LEED: EQ: Low Emitting Materials
WELL: VOC Reduction-Feature 4, Toxic Material Reduction-Feature 25

Pricing: $15.95/sf

Volume discounts available: Email your rep