Exterior Square Slat Modular Panels

Create spaces of unsurpassed beauty and character with TerraMai Exterior Modular Panels; reclaimed and sustainable wood on a marine grade plywood backer. Installation is quick, easy, and stays true to your design intent. Our Exterior Modular Panels will dramatically reduce your installation time for faster project completion, and may be used as exterior cladding.

Species: Angelique, Coastal Cedar, Rock Walnut, & Teak

Construction: 1-1/4” wide x 1-1/4” deep slats spaced 3/4” apart, installed on 1/2" marine grade, 5-ply plywood. Slat rows are fabricated with one or two pieces per row. Plywood stained black with exterior grade, low-VOC stain.

Net Dimensions: 1-3/4" (44 mm) thick x 22" (559 mm) face width x 8' (2,438 mm) fixed lengths.

Millwork: Surfaced four sides (S4S), square edge.  Shiplap on long edges.

Finish: Varies by species and/or preference.

Character: Varies by species. See chart below for details.

Species Character
Angelique Very clean with an occasional pin knot.
Coastal Cedar Sound, tight knots of all sizes.
Rock Walnut Mixed grain with occasional small sound, tight knots.
Teak Insect, fastener and other holes (including mortise pockets) filled with teak and black epoxy and/or black epoxy. Meets TerraMai Select Grade Teak Specifications.

Contributes to:LEED V4

Low-Emitting Materials (Possible 3 Points)

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