Warm and soothing like a chocolate infused caffe latte, TerraMai's Doug Fir Mocha Paneling exudes that same comforting sensibility. This paneling comes from robust and beefy structural timbers and is finished with a soft brown suitable to complement many color and interior design styles.

 This product is part of the COMMERCIAL LINE

Source: Old barns, warehouses, industrial buildings and other sources throughout the Pacific Northwest

SpeciesPseudotsuga menziesii 

Colors: Soft brown color tones

Millwork: Surfaced four sides (S4S) with tongue & groove, square-edge profile. Unfilled.  

Net Dimensions: 5/8" thick x 5" wide x 2' to 12’ random lengths 

Character: Vertical and mixed grain. Fastener holes of all sizes. Tight, loose, and missing knots of all sizes. Surface seasoning checks, shake, gouges, and other signs or prior history and use. 

Finish: Prefinished with a natural tinted oil. In most cases, we can also add a fire retardant as needed. 

CertificationFSC Recycled 100% - SCS-COC-001014

LEED:  MR 4.1 & 4.2 (Recycled Content) and MR 5.1 & 5.2 (Regional Materials).

Contractor Pricing - $12.55

  • Less than 500 square feet - $13.95
  • 500 - 9,999 square feet - $12.55
  • 10,000 square feet and greater - $Call

Standard Pricing - $13.95

  • Less than 500 square feet - $13.95
  • 500 square feet and greater - $13.25

NotePrices are per square foot. Minimum order through our sales team $2,500. Minimum online order of 45 square feet.

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