TerraMai's Dark Horse Flooring & Paneling makes it easy to always bet on black. This product line was created from black horse fencing reclaimed from the American South, where horse breeding and racing remain a passionate tradition. This version is prefinished with tinted natural oil.

Lead Time: Typically ships within 4 weeks

Source: Black horse fencing reclaimed from the American South

Colors: Colors vary per product from weathered black, greys and browns. 

Millwork: Surfaced three sides (S3S) and skip planed. All material is unfilled with square-edge tongue & groove profile. 

Net Dimensions: 5/8" thick x 4-1/2" wide x 1' to 7' random lengths. 

Character: Character may include original weathered black water-based and/or oil-based paint, occasional unfilled nail and other holes, frequent checking, insect scaring, tight, loose and missing knots and other signs of prior history and age  

Finish: Skip-planed and prefinished with zero-VOC tinted black oil. Custom colors available. 

Certification: FSC Recycled 100% - FSC-C021798

Pricing: $18.95/sf