Product Description: Douglas fir has long been a staple in North American construction because of its beauty and unique structural qualities. Artisans, architects and engineers love working with reclaimed Douglas fir because of its size, strength, stability and character. New Doug fir cannot compare to reclaimed in looks, stability or durability. We offer it here as-is. We can also re-mill it to custom specification.

Sources: Various dismantled structures throughout the western United States, including old barns, warehouses, mills and other structures. 

Species: Pseudotsuga menziesii.

Color tones: Blond, honey with mellow amber overtones.

Dimensions: 1" to 14" thick x 1" to 14" wide x 2' to 16' long. 
Millwork: As-is, rough sawn or surfaced to client specification.

Character: Vertical and mixed grain with nail, bolt and other fastener holes, oxide stains, seasoning checks and sound, loose and missing knots. Character varies widely depending on specific inventory.

Finish: Comes unfinished, unless otherwise specified.  

Certification: FSC Recycled 100% - FSC-C021798


LEED: MR 4 (Recycled Content) and MR 5 (Regional Materials).   

Note: This is a custom milled product, minimum order $2,500.00.