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reclaimed doug fir flooring installation
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TerraMai is fortunate to be involved of the renovation and reclamation of the historic 900 Minnesota Building in San Francisco, California. This project has yielded a fantastic array of Douglas fir beams, lumber and vertical grain flooring as well as solid wood doors, large glass partitions and many light fixtures.

The 900 Minnesota building, located in the Dogpatch Historic District along San Francisco's central waterfront, was originally the C. Schilling & Co. Wine Cellars and most recently headquarters of the Esprit de Corp clothing company. The wood in this project is exceptional in many ways.

In addition to being an amazing collection of old-growth Douglas fir, many of the large timbers in the building were previously reclaimed in the 1970s from an old sawmill in the historic lumber town of Westwood, CA, which was founded in 1905 by the Red River Lumber Company. This will be the second round of recycling for some of the largest and most beautiful pieces in the project.

During the early 1970's environmentally conscious Doug and Suzie Tompkins, founders of Esprit de Corp, also became reclaimed wood pioneers. When they began renovation of their new headquarters they purchased reclaimed woods from various demolition sites in and around San Francisco. Among their findings were Douglas fir beams up to 12" x 14" x 20', salvaged from an old sawmill in the historic lumber town of Westwood, CA, founded in 1905 by the Red River Lumber Company.

The beams were sandblasted and became a centerpiece of their renowned office, design and distribution space. These beams, clear vertical-grain flooring and tens of thousands of board feet of lumber are now available through TerraMai. Douglas fir's intricate grain patterns, golden hue and innate strength make for a practical, beautiful combination suited to almost any project.

The current renovation project at 900 Minnesota, sponsored by Build Inc. of San Francisco, will preserve history by bringing the building up to current earthquake code standards. "The Cooperage" project will be built to LEED certification standards while adaptively using and reusing the existing building and building materials.

Named for the building's historic past, The Cooperage will also enhance the redevelopment of San Francisco's waterfront by providing mixed use space and housing close to light rail and public transportation systems. A city park is planned along with a historic interpretive center, drought resistant landscaping and a design aesthetic that will help retain the urban character of the surrounding neighborhood.