Aesthetics of Reclaimed Wood


The unique range of TerraMai reclaimed wood products offers a full spectrum of aesthetic choices, from clean and consistent to character-rich and eclectic. TerraMai reclaimed wood products work with any type of project, from refined to funky. The possibilities are endless.

Reclaimed wood provides design opportunities not available in new wood. Elements of weathered patina, natural texture, extremely tight grain, nail and fastener holes and other character add visual richness to a space. These signs of previous use also help your client tell a fascinating story of sustainability.

Wood has distinct variability in color, grain pattern and other characteristics. Wood is an organic material. No two pieces are exactly alike. Wood color spans the spectrum of nature’s pallet. Grain patterns are as individual as fingerprints. Add to this natural variation the range of characteristics indicative of reclaimed wood – which can include weathering, nail holes, wine staining and more – and the variability quickly multiplies. TerraMai knows wood. The goal of every TerraMai project is to deliver materials that exceed expectation, perform as promised and add excitement and innovation to your project.

For designers in search of sustainable materials with a character-rich look, options include Weathered Lost Coast RedwoodNaked Teak, and Naturally Distressed Long Plank Teak - to name just a few. For projects that call for a clean, consistent look, we offer MC Walnut and White OakSurfaced Redwood, Doug Fir and more. All TerraMai products are available in a wide range of custom options.

TerraMai has the materials, experience and expertise to make your vision and design intent a reality. That's what we do.

See our Glossary for a list of reclaimed wood terms and characteristics. 

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