TerraMai makes more than just reclaimed wood flooring, paneling, siding, and decking. We make your ideas, designs, and specifications a reality using our tools, expertise, skill, and beautiful reclaimed materials.

What can we make for you?
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Custom Fabrication

Show us your vision and we'll make it a reality; we love tough ones. Over the decades of serving our customers, TerraMai has partnered with clients to produce solutions to some exceptionally challenging projects. Our skilled fabrication team goes to work using our expertise, skill, and materials to bring a solution designed to spec. And we work well with others, often designing custom solutions for integrating new technologies, lighting, and other structures within or alongside products.


Signage that demands to be seen. The warmth and character of TerraMai's reclaimed wood signs combined with our ability to inlay contrasting text or built-in lighting means your signage will get the attention it deserves.

Stair Treads

TerraMai stair treads don't just transport people...they move people. At some of the most iconic companies and organizations, from REI to Berkeley to Amazon, TerraMai has built a strong reputation of crafting stair treads that become a focal point. Whether the reclaimed material comes from America's last wooden floating bridge, from deconstructed buildings in Asia, or salvaged from shipping dunnage traveling from coast to coast, each installation has a story to tell.

Table Tops & Countertops

Not only the workhorse of restaurants, hotels, offices, and shops, tabletops and countertops, when well designed and well-crafted, add true beauty and ambience to a space. Starting with thoughtfully sourced materials, our fabrication team creates tops to your exact specifications: dimensions, character, profile, finish, and even sound-absorbing acoustical backing.

Fire Retardant

Confidently address your local fire codes and protect structures with TerraMai's flame retardant applications. Our low-VOC flame retardant acts as a passive fire protection by slowing the spread of fire and can be applied onto flooring, paneling/cladding, stair treads, tabletops, and more.