TaShawna Nash - Account Manager

Birthplace: Bowie, TX

Education: BFA, Acting & Directing - Texas Tech University and MCC

Interests: Travel, design, food & beverages, college football, yoga and hanging out with Darron, Sydney, Mia and Grace

Favorite Movie: Big

Favorite Book: Simple Abundance

Favorite Roles Played: Nora - Brighton Beach Memoirs, Shelby - Steel Magnolias, Mortimer The Man Who Dies - The Fantastics, Morning Star - The Kentucky Cycle, Rita - The Water Engine and Lotus Blossom - Teahouse of the August Moon

Favorite Food: Tex-Mex and Thai

Favorite Place: North Lake

Favorite Time of Day: Daybreak

Childhood Enthusiasms: Designing and building Barbie's multiple vacation homes and writing & directing plays to be performed on the fireplace hearth to the chagrin of my co-stars/cousins  

Greatest Ambition: To live a long life, to make it count and to "Be Happiness Itself" (Buddha) 

Greatest Accomplishment: Childbirth

Favorite Quote: "Be Glad. Be Good. Be Brave." - Eleanor H. Porter 

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