Kevin Kowal - National Accounts East


Birthplace: Lancaster, PA

Passions: Pursuit of Happiness, raising organic meat, milk and veggies for my family, charcuterie/bacon, life

Hobbies/Interests: Homesteading, ice hockey, obstacle racing, trail running, bio-hacking life

Favorite Music: Django Rienhardt

Favorite Movie: Jean de Florette/Manon of the Spring, Gadjo Dilo, Borat

Favorite BookSiddhartha, Education of Little TreeTropic of Cancer

Favorite Food: Anything with lime, chilies & cilantro. IPA. Duck confit.

Favorite Place: Baja Mexico, Big Island, home 

Favorite Time of Day: Before sunrise or Happy Hour

Childhood Enthusiasms: Monkey wrenching 

Greatest Ambition: Raise my kids to be healthy, happy, intelligent, well-rounded people. Surf top-10 breaks in the world.

Greatest Accomplishment: Home-births of my four children

Personal Motto: "I’ll try that."

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